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So my love of cupcakes is probably going to get me in trouble with my diet! This week I found a recipe for chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate raspberry cream cheese frosting. I stared at it for a few days and decided on that on my day off (Wednesday) that I was just going to have to try this recipe out. Plus, I really wanted an excuse to go back to Michael’s and get the Wilton glitter gel icing that I’d seen a few days before, and some mini cupcake wrappers.

I decided to make both mini and regular size cupcakes. I took the minis to my internship at the hospital because I knew that just 12 cupcakes wasn’t going to do it, but 24 minis almost did (maybe I need a second cupcake carrier…), and I sent the regular sized ones to my husband’s work. I was very glad to hear from more than one person that these were some of the best cupcakes they’d ever had! I only wish that I’d come up with the recipe myself! Even my husband who had previously said that he didn’t even LIKE cupcakes (he thought they were always too dry) has changed his mind after the two batches that I’ve made recently.

This recipe was actually incredibly easy to make, and I’ll definitely be making these several more times. Just for fun, I added some of the glitter gel icing into the frosting, but the sparkles didn’t show up very well so I added a little bit of food coloring as well. I’ve had A LOT of frosting in my life since my mom started teaching cake decorating when I was a baby… none of that frosting prepared me for how incredibly delicious this would be! I don’t think that I’d ever had white chocolate and raspberry together before, but I’m certainly a fan now. I’ll probably have to make a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake for the holidays this year… I now have a tub of left over strawberry cream cheese icing from the weekend, and a tub of this icing left in the fridge as well, so I keep sneaking one or two spoonfuls of it a day hehe! I’m going to have to find something to do with all of this frosting, that’s for sure!

Somehow, maybe by sheer luck, all of this cupcake baking hasn’t destroyed my diet like I thought that it would. I guess moderation really is the key!