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Hi, I’m Denise and I’m a picky eater who loves to cook and bake! I started cooking with my mom when I was little, but I’ve always been a picky eater. My mom is especially good at baking and since she’s really far away, I really miss all of her cakes and such. I’m about to get a box in the mail filled with homemade jams and jellies though, and I’m really looking forward to them!

When I was little, I pretty much didn’t like anything that had more than about 5 different ingredients, and I really hated to have my food touch. I can handle recipes with multiple ingredients now, but I still don’t really like my food to touch 😉 My husband is a very picky eater as well, maybe even more than I am. Sometimes it amazes me that we can ever decide on something to eat! We’re both slowly trying new and different things but probably a lot of the recipes that I’ll make on here will be onion-free since that’s one of the things that we both really dislike.

I’ve been reading food blogs for years, and watching the Food Network even longer and it’s making me want to branch out and try different foods more frequently. I’ve started to like Indian food a lot, and some Thai and Chinese food as well. My favorite it probably Italian food though. I’m only a little bit Italian, but I think that this little bit is my taste buds 🙂 I love cheese, tomatoes, and garlic, so any recipe that incorporates all of these things is probably going to be something that I’m interested in.

I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for many years (10-12 years maybe?), but after years of going to restaurants and only ordering salads, I decided to start eating chicken again. I’m not very confident in cooking chicken because of just not even thinking about it for so many years, but that’s something that I’m working on. I tried bacon again a few years back and I can safely say that I definitely enjoy bacon as well. I don’t remember my mom putting meat in a lot of things when I was little so I just never really think about adding it to meals. I think pasta sauce and lasagne are just fine without meat so I guess can’t really see the benefit of adding it.

Since the beginning of 2010, I’ve been working hard to lose weight, so I’ll try to incorporate some general nutrition information in with some of the recipes. I’ve been doing well and losing weight for the last few months, but probably only because I haven’t been baking as much. I’ve just found a bunch of new dessert recipes that I’d like to make so we’ll see how well the weight loss goes when it’s delicious desserts time!

Deciding to make a food blog was a pretty easy choice for me. I spend a good deal of my waking hours thinking about food, and what I’m going to eat next. I love cooking and baking and then posting pictures online through Facebook or Twitter, so food blogging was the next logical step. I’m not very talented at photography, especially food photography, but that’s something that I’ll be continuously working on. I’m in nursing school so that severely limits my free time for cooking and baking, but after graduation next year, hopefully I’ll really be able to ramp things up.